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Berlin Wood™ Fingerboard Decks

Handcrafted Fingerboards since 2002 | Made in Germany
  • bw bamboo light and dark 33,3 classic edition

  • camo easter decks on all shapes

  • 33,3 carat limited edition

  • New Designs available

  • BerlinWood X Bastl Boards

  • Joaquim Mendez Pro Model

  • John Cowart pro model

  • Adrian Witzel pro model

  • TomCat pro model

  • new graphics out now!

  • limited gold skull decks

  • limited compass edition

  • Jeldo Ulpts Pro design out now!

  • limited Flatface cubes engraved + extra Raffle Ticket

  • Rae Smith grafics out now

  • new en voyage designs available

  • “Thrasher engraved skull” limited edition in 33,3 + 33,3low

  • limited BW oldschool series!

  • limited split BW decks in 33/33low!

  • limited Split-Skull completes!

  • New Grafix Fall 2015

  • BW minilogos

  • Fully Assembled Completes @ www.blackriver-shop.com

  • New Rastafari Edition in wide and wide low available!

  • The brand new BERLIN WOOD graphics on the 33,3mm shape.

  • New Berlin Wood Skyline engraved edition! Limited to 50 pieces… 33,3mm

  • BW +blackriver-skull+ split ply boards! LIMITED EDITION! New size: 33,3mm.

  • Berlin Wood Design Pool

  • Matthias Junker Memorial Set

  • FF16 Special Split Ply Decks

BerlinWood™ Made in Germany
Handcrafted Fingerboards since 2002

BerlinWood™ DeckDesigns
Mastermind Timo Lieben was the first to manufacture professional wooden fingerboards the way skateboards are made. His formula for success are all the new ideas and innovations he steadily brings to the community like the first bushings and bearings. With a view to take fingerboarding to the next level!

Professional graphics and more shapes added to enlarge the assortment constantly. Decks are now built by Timo Lieben and the new formed BW production Crew making BerlinWood™ one of rare professional workshops run and lead by fingerboarders.
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  • Nils Förster
  • Florian Kitzmüller
  • Marcus Hoffman aka FATMAN

. About BerlinWood™

The small boards from Berlin did pioneer work in 2002 in providing the young fingerboard scene with the first decent wooden decks. Since Today!