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The BerlinWood™ Board Production

BerlinWood™ Production Timo Lieben

In 2009 the production of BerlinWoods moved to Blackriver-Ramps to improve the decks and shapes with the help of worldchampion Elias Assmuth. BerlinWoods are now 100% handmade by Timo Lieben and the BW Production Crew: Karl and Robert.


They built up the production room and allways try to optimize the production way with great ideas and much care for details.This makes BerlinWood™ one of rare professional workshops worldwide run and lead by fingerboarders.


BerlinWood™ Board Production
  • every deck contains of 5 plies canadian maple
  • from beginning to the end it takes 12 working steps for each deck
  • production is running 5 days a week 8 hours a day


BerlinWood™ Production

A more professional production was built in Schwarzenbach and new decks has been developed together with the world-champion Elias Assmuth.


Professional graphics and more shapes added to enlarge the assortment constantly.
Decks are now built by Timo Lieben and the new formed BW production Crew making BerlinWood™ the only professional workshop run by fingerboarders…

BerlinWood™ Boards

. About BerlinWood™

The small boards from Berlin did pioneer work in 2002 in providing the young fingerboard scene with the first decent wooden decks. Since Today!