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The Founder

Being interested in all kind of skill toys Timo Lieben started fingerboarding in 1999 and joined Blackriver-Ramps one year later visiting FastFingers 3.
In the following years he showed true heart by supporting fingerboarding in any way he could.
Influencing the scene with the first bearings and bushings and in 2002 releasing BerlinWood he always showed new ways. “theDriver” was a given name by Martin Winkler in that time because of all those uncounted events and contests they visited together in Timos car.
In 2009 Timo moved from Berlin to Schwarzenbach to work in the new BW production and to be more involved in the daily work that runs Blackriver-Ramps and BerlinWood. Together with Martin Winkler and Thomas Hansen he reside now in a place called “Am Steig” living the dream of fingerboarding.


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. About BerlinWood™

The small boards from Berlin did pioneer work in 2002 in providing the young fingerboard scene with the first decent wooden decks. Since Today!